Things To Try In Your Barbeque Chicken Rub

A barbeque chicken rub needs to have a couple of things that will separate it from a normal rub recipe. There are many things that separate a barbeque chicken rub from its pork and beef cousins. There are many things that are the same as well. This article is going to look at some commonly used ingredients in barbeque chicken rubs so that you can develop one of your own.

Basics Of Barbeque Chicken Rubs

There are three main ingredients to every rub - paprika, sugar, and salt. These three ingredients can not be missing from the rub and form the basis of every barbeque rub out there. After there a lot of it is left open to interpretation. A barbeque spice rub will require something to make it hot. Generally speaking this heat is provided by chili and cayenne peppers. Each of these can add a significant amount of heat your chicken. I however find their flavors to be not as complimenting as some other peppers. This is not to that they are bad, but rather they mostly add heat to the meat but no extra flavor. For pork and beef this can be desirable as you want the flavor of the meat to stand out. For a barbeque chicken rub you are going to want more of the flavor to come from the actual spice as the flavor of chicken, even when deliciously smoked, is rather bland.

There are a couple of peppers that you can choose from. The first, chipotle, is a traditional Mexican pepper used in many chicken dishes. You can go with dry or wet peppers, but I prefer the dry as they add more of a smoky flavor to the actual meat. After chipotle, I also like to use jalapeno peppers when rubbing my meat. I again find that the flavor of the jalapeno is much more complex then the cayenne or chili. In addition you can also use just regular old black pepper to flavor your chicken. Black pepper has a very strong flavor profile and must be used in balance with the other peppers, but if used properly it can add a lot that the other peppers just do not do.

Lastly, garlic and garlic powder work very well with chicken. You have to be careful though and I would only use garlic from a gourmet shop that is of the highest quality. Many times you get garlic that is cheap it can have a flavor like cardboard. A cheap garlic powder can ruin your entire chicken, so be careful.

Hopefully this has helped and you now have an idea how to create your very own barbeque chicken rub!