What To Do With Bankruptcy Lawyers

Presumably, you are thinking of filing for bankruptcy is you want to have anything professionally to do with bankruptcy lawyers. If you are thinking of hiring one of the many qualified bankruptcy lawyers in America, keep in mind that the average fee will about $2,000. Sleeping with any of these bankruptcy lawyers will most likely not change the fee any. Business is business.

Lawsuit, Anyone?

The universe of American law has become so incredibly complex that lawyers mostly are specialists. So, even if you have had a lawyer for years, if you are thinking of declaring bankruptcy, you're better off with one of the bankruptcy lawyers orbiting the Sun of money from the law than the family or business lawyer. You can ask your lawyer is he or she has any recommendations, or you can check out the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA).

Professional Conduct

Actually, bankruptcy lawyers are under the same code of professional conduct as are other kinds of lawyers. As bankruptcy lawyers, they will not need to work with you so intensely for as long as would a defense attorney or even a divorce attorney. In other words, although a business lunch is considered okay for bankruptcy lawyers and their clients, going food shopping with them and cooking the clients breakfast in bed is right out.

Your lawyer should not make you want to throw up every time he or she walks into the room. You need to have a relationship at least as professional as you would your dentist. Like dentists, bankruptcy lawyers need to be able to be easily contacted and be able to explain what they are doing to your satisfaction. Unlike dentists, bankruptcy lawyers should not be giving you laughing gas, even if you really need it.

And, unlike dentists, bankruptcy lawyers are not allowed to work for their families or "co-habitors". This is considered unethical behavior, as there becomes a conflict of interest and a lot of sniggering after court, among other things. You are not legally required to give your lawyer a Christmas present, or even to hold the door open for him or her when their hands are full. You are, however, required to be truthful with them and to pay their fees.

Both you and your lawyer must conform to the legal norm in dress, hairstyle, manners and preventable bodily odors when in court.