The Federal Bankruptcy Database Is Known As PACER

When you think about a bankruptcy database, one that is used by the federal courts is known as PACER which can be accessed through the Internet though only after paying a fee for such access. Such a database is especially important to attorneys that need to file their client's bankruptcy cases online and also because when there is greater number of filings, courts allows attorneys to use online means for filing for bankruptcy on behalf of their clients. However, this bankruptcy database is not accessible directly to debtors who must thus engage an attorney if they want to find information through this means.

There are however, many companies that have their own bankruptcy databases which help consumers who need to file for bankruptcy and who need to use such bankruptcy databases to find information related to business as also consumer bankruptcy filings, as also dismissals and even discharges under various chapters including chapter seven, chapter eleven and also chapter thirteen.

Search According To Different Parameters

If you are looking to use these kinds of bankruptcy databases, you can enter certain parameters for your search which can include according to region and which will throw up information according to county, state, city and even three first digits of zip codes. In addition, you may want to locate information according to date such as filing dates, discharge date, dismissal date and even date of first meeting of which a 341 meeting is a good example.

It is also possible to search the bankruptcy database according to type such as chapter seven or chapter eleven dismissal or even a combination that you may opt for, and the bankruptcy database is also able to furnish information regarding individuals as well as businesses and in this regard remember that chapter eleven deals only with businesses while chapter thirteen is meant for individuals only, and even the majority of chapter seven's are for individuals as well. What's more, the bankruptcy database also holds all the relevant information regarding amounts related to assets and liabilities though not every bankruptcy database will hold such information.

Finally, the bankruptcy database will also contain the house addresses and within this you can filter out addresses with regard to certain apartment numbers, PO Boxes as well as those addresses that have number signs in them. Thus, as you can see, each different bankruptcy database has a lot of information that it contains and which can be accessed entirely or according to specific needs and it will prove to be very helpful under different situations.