Methamphetamine Can Cause Bad Breath

There is a new drug in town and it is very dangerous for teens and anyone else who gets involved with it. It is called methamphetamines, and it is very addictive and very dangerous not only to take, but to make as well.

Signs Your Child May Be Taking Methamphetamines

One of the most common signs can be that methamphetamine cause bad breath. This will be a chemical smell that is quite foul. No amount of brushing or oral hygiene can make the odor of methamphetamine cause bad breath to go away. Your child may also exhibit the signs of methamphetamine use by noticing the pupils of their eyes are dilated.

Other common signs besides methamphetamine cause bad breath are unexplained nosebleeds as well as the nose being dry. Lips may also become cracked and bleed as well. Your child may exhibit other nasal or sinus symptoms as the drug is often snorted as well as smoked.

Many signs of your teen being involved with the use of methamphetamines are a lack of appetite or signs that point to anorexia. Your child may not being sleeping and it can also cause those who use it to become anxious, nervous or aggressive. Your child may also chatter incessantly. Most methamphetamine users will exhibit signs of hyperactivity as well.

When your child may be involved in using methamphetamines that cause bad breath, utilizing mouthwashes, breath sprays, lozenges and other breath fresheners will not eliminate the underlying cause of methamphetamine bad breath. Your child may try and mask the signs of his/her drug use, but if you are attentive to changes in your child's behavior, you may be able to put a stop to it before it becomes a real problem.

Other Effects of Methamphetamines

If the only sign is methamphetamine cause bad breath, it doesn't indicate the long term affects that using methamphetamines can cause. Some effects that may be long term from using methamphetamines are, a raise in blood pressure and your heart rate, damage to the blood vessels that service the brain, a stroke or death. These are serious side effects for those who are using methamphetamines.

You can also experience psychotic symptoms for a long time after you have stopped using methamphetamines. This drug is extremely addictive and one of the first things a parent may notice is methamphetamine cause bad breath. Don't be afraid to ask your teen questions, especially if he/she is exhibiting some of the signs of methamphetamine use. It is a dangerous drug and it is up to parents to monitor their children.