You Can Get Bad Breath From A High Protein Diet

A high protein diet is fashionable with two entirely different sets of people: body builders and dieters. Though the sportive and the obese are very different (professional sports people may need to increase muscle mass in a hurry, while social pressures may force a young person who is chronically overweight, to try a crash diet) both may be affected by the same problem.

Who would think that you would need to cure bad breath from a high protein diet? Not many people would associate a weight loss diet with bad breath although eating a high protein diet can cause bad breath in some people. For some people, it is important to find a cure for bad breath from a high protein diet.

When, in an attempt to lose weight, people eat a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in protein, this is called a high protein diet. The reasoning behind this type of diet is that by eliminating carbohydrates from the body, the body is forced to use its fat reserves for energy.

Ketones From Metabolism

When a high protein diet forces the body to consume its fat reserves, the use of the fat causes the generation of ketones. Ketone is the term that refers to the molecules that are produced as a by-product of fat metabolism or consumption. The body is able to use most of the ketones for energy except for one type of ketone molecule that it cannot digest. Ketones leave the body through breath, apart from in urine and perspiration, and this is fundamentally why people on high protein diets inevitably suffer from bad breath.

Acetone Is The Culprit

The acetone molecule is not processed by the body and is instead mostly released through the urine and the breath. The urine can be checked for levels of ketones and when the body is releasing larger amounts of ketones, the body is said to be in a state of ketosis. The acetone ketones that are released through the breath have their own distinctive and unpleasant odour.

If you have bad breath from a high protein diet, a cure or other temporary remedy may be suitable for your situation. It is not as easy to eliminate the cause of bad breath from a high protein diet because the cause of the bad breath is internal and a by-product of the fat burning caused by the diet.

Is The Diet Worth The Bad Breath?

If the bad breath becomes a problem, you may want to decide whether the high protein diet is worth the bad breath or if you should change to an effective diet that will not give you bad breath. Dieters, who are on the high protein diet, recommend taking an herbal body mint that is taken internally or using mint flavoured mouth sprays.

Now that you know that you can try to cure bad breath from a high protein diet, it will be easier for you to eliminate the bad breath when you have identified the problem in your life. Whether it is a masking scent or a cure, bad breath from a high protein diet can be treated.