Backpacking Water Purifier Can Provide Safe Hydration

Trekking across the landscape can be an exciting experience for many and they usually spend a lot of time training for the physical rigors involved. However, while hiking there is the importance of having clean water for drinking that everyone needs to remember. Instead of hauling gallons of water along the route, a backpacking water purifier can lighten the load and still provide for hydration.

When backpacking you should never count on finding clean water in mountain streams or lake, despite how clean the may appear. Germs and disease-causing bacteria are often present in the freshest looking water supplies. The easiest and most effect means of insuring your water supply is safe is to boil il, but that is not always practical. By using backpacking water purifier tablets, you can greatly reduce the risk of becoming ill from the water.

Depending on the length of your excursion, there are backpacking water purifier units you can carry that also use filtration systems to remove bacteria as small is one micron, that are not destroyed by chemicals such as iodine or chlorine. However, some of these systems can be bulky and if you are planning on traveling light may not fit your needs.

Water Bottle Filtration Maintains Steady Water Supply

One of the more popular backpacking water purifier methods is a water bottle with its own filter system built in. Filling the bottle from a water source begins filtering the water to remove large particles and the water passes through smaller filers to remove water-borne bacteria along with cysts and protozoa. The water can be stored in the water bottle and transported in your pack without the need for additional items.

Another form of backpacking water purifier utilizes micro-filtering technology and a small hand-operated pump to force raw water through filer membranes, offering filtered water free of bacteria and most germs as small as .1 micron. While more reliable in removing disease-causing bacteria, they are also slightly larger and heavier but can still be comfortable in your pack if weight is not a big issue.

Other backpacking water purifier systems use battery power to purify water using electrolysis, which is also used in many whole-house water purification systems. It offers one of the most efficient means of providing clean, healthy drinking water with the unit contained in a drinking bottle. Once the bottle is filled and the cap attached, turning the unit on leaves you just 10 to 12 minutes from electrically cleaned safe drinking water. The bottle adds insignificant weight to you pack above that added by the water.