The Usefulness Of Underwear For Backpacking

When preparing for a backpacking trip, there's often a small shopping list of various things that you need to bring in order for your trip to be a success. On that list of course, is an inventory of the clothes you need for backpacking. A lot of discussion and attention is usually given to what you'll be wearing on your feet, and for good reason, since backpacking involves a lot of hiking time.

But the other clothes are just as important. For instance, picking the right underwear for your backpacking trip can help make your experience easier. Knowing how to pick out underwear for backpacking is just as important as the rest of your list.

Thick Underwear For The Layer Effect

One of the most basic reasons why you want to a good pair of underwear for backpacking is that it helps add to the layering effect, which can help to keep you insulated. Each layer of clothing helps to insulate you and help keep your body warm, which is important if you backpack in cooler weather. For this reason, pick something sturdy. While you might like your silk briefs, find something that's thicker and warmer, and you'll be glad you did.

Keep Moisture Away

One of the other important things about buying backpacking underwear is that you want to keep your body dry. Wet skin is more likely to chafe when walking, so a pair of underwear that helps to wick moisture away from your body is going to be perfect for backpacking. There is actually underwear made for backpacking and other outdoor activities, available at most sporting goods stores, and that's probably what you want to purchase for your trips.

Not Just For Your Lower Half

When purchasing underwear for your backpacking trips, remember that underwear can include undershirts as well. A great undershirt is also part of the whole system of keeping you warm and dry. If you go this route, you can get a separate undershirt, or go for a pair of long-johns. They might look silly or old-fashioned, but they do their job just as well as two separate pieces.

How Much To Bring

If you've gone and bought your backpacking underwear, you'll need to know how much to pack. A good rule of thumb is a pair for each day of your trip, plus one extra pair in case of emergencies. If you don't want to take up all that space with underwear, you can always wash the dirty underwear in some water when you make camp. Just remember to pack some quality underwear for your backpacking trip, and you'll stay warmer, drier, and generally happier while out on the trail.