Backpacking Tips For Beginners

For those looking to spend time exercising and enjoying the beauty of nature, a backpacking trip might be a great way to do both at once. However, a bad backpacking trip can spoil the experience as well as turn a new backpacker off to the activity. Whether you're a new backpacker yourself or taking a new one along, knowing a few good backpacking tips will help make this new experience an enjoyable one.

Take Care Of Your Feet

One of the main components of backpacking trips is a lot of time on your feet, and an injured ankle or a few blisters will make the going painful. One of the most important backpacking tips is to start with a pair of comfortable shoes to keep the going easy, and this doesn't always mean hiking boots. For most hikes, you don't need a pair of specialty boots; comfortable sneakers will work just as well. If you are traveling over rough terrain or plan to carry a heavy pack, then consider a pair of hiking boots with good ankle support.

Similarly, good socks are just as important to keeping blisters from bothering you during your trip. Hiking socks are rough and can encourage blisters, though they're great for keeping feet dry and warm. Another of the great backpacking tips is to compensate for that roughness with a second pair of thin nylon socks beneath the hiking socks.

Buy A Comfortable Pack

Just as important as comfortable shoes, another of the important backpacking tips is to select a backpack that rests comfortably. Be sure to try a pack on in the store before going anywhere, and find out if it rests comfortably on the shoulders. In addition, try to find out how well weight is distributed. An expensive pack with many features will do you no good if you it puts too much weight on your shoulders or has a support bar that digs into your back while you walk.

Pack Light

For a new backpacker, another one of the most useful backpacking tips is to make sure to pack light. Beware fancy camping equipment that promises to make your trip easier; instead, find simple items to bring, so that you keep from overfilling your backpack or making it too bulky and unwieldy. Cooking with a simple and small camp stove, or just making a fire to cook over, will be much better than finding and hauling bulky cooking equipment along.

Have Fun

Despite all these great backpacking tips, the most important of all is to enjoy yourself. Don't feel the need to push too hard towards a goal. Instead, take your time on your first few backpacking trips, take time to enjoy nature, and don't push yourself before trying more strenuous hikes. By taking a little care and easing into this new hobby, you'll have more fun, and that's what counts most.