Some Essential Items Of Backpacking Equipment

You may need special lightweight backpacking equipment and choosing a manufacturer with time-proven abilities would be to your advantage. Some of the items of backpacking equipment that you should carry along will include tents with waterproof fly sheets, a sleeping bag, backpack as well as daypack or fanny pack. In addition, you would need clothing, hiking boots, an extra pair of tennis shoes or sandals as well as gear for the rains such as a jacket with hood and pants as well as a honcho. Woolen socks, non-cotton liners as well as insulated long underwear should also form part of the backpacking equipment.

Clothes, Cooking, Extras And Miscellaneous Items Of Equipment

You would also need a pair of shorts, a couple of T-shirts as well as long pants that are not jeans, long-sleeved flannel shirts as well as a warm woolen sweater of jacket as well as underwear. You should ensure that you dress in layers and not sleep in clothes that were worn during the day. While packing clothes, ensure that they are packed in plastic bags and cotton should not be worn next to the skin in cold or wet weather.

Your backpacking equipment would be incomplete without items for cooking such as a bag with a handle that contains all of your food as it would be used to hang the food from a tree at night while in the backcountry. You would also need matches or a lighter as well as stoves with extra fuel and some pots, pans as well as lids along with a pot tong or holder. You would also require cups, utensils, plates as well as cleaning soaps as well as a couple of water bottles of minimum two quarts. A can opener would also be necessary.

There are also some miscellaneous items of backpacking equipment you would be in need of including pocketknives, flashlights along with extra batteries, a camera with film as well as batteries, sunglasses, lash straps as well as enough money and also some medications for allergies as well as medical conditions.

You would also need for your backpacking equipment extras in the form of a compass, journal with pens, swimsuit, playing cards, whistle as well as nylon cords and candles. In addition, you would need first aid kits, water purifiers as well as ropes and maps as well as trowel. With these backpacking equipment on hand, there should be no reason why your backpacking trip should not be fun and enjoyable as well as safe and trouble-free.