Backpacking Australia Takes Being Prepared

Many folks cannot think of a better way of spending their time than backpacking Australia and people from all over the world seem to agree with them. Travelers from across the globe travel to this continent to spend time backpacking Australia, taking advantage of its many wondrous sights and unique civilizations.

Major tourism areas include Sydney and Melbourne as well as Canberra, all in New South Wales in the southeastern part of the country. For trips backpacking Australia style, many venture into the Northern Territory, north of the tropic of Capricorn. Queensland, to the east allows you to venture to the ocean to the Great Barrier Reef, but backpacking Australia is not complete without traipsing through the north central part of the country.

Here, you can visit primitive parts of Australia, with tribes of Aborigines still living in their native lands. Mount Woodcock and the Ware Range are separated by the Tanami Desert, a dangerous expanse for the uninitiated in backpacking Australia wild lands. For traveling through some of these areas of Australia, it is advisable that an experienced guide is used, as the possibility of succumbing to dangerous surroundings is great.

Work Your Way While Backpacking Australia

Remember when going to Australia, a visa will be needed to enter the country and since backpacking Australia is not inexpensive, several people have found temporary employment to earn money while on their travels. Occupations in may fields are open for the temporary employment of men and women backpacking Australia.

What many folks will do is choose one area of the country for backpacking Australia and find a job in one of the nearby cities. For example, hoping to see the North Country, the city of Alice Springs with a population of under 30,000, offers a wide range of attractions for one and two day backpacking trips.

Carved out of the MacDonnell Ranges, it offers magnificent gorges and rivers for spectacular views. You can participate in camel rides in the desert and in late fall you can witness a boat race in a river without water. When you backpacking Australia ther are a multitude of attractions that can pry your imagination while you have the opportunity to visit new lands and meet new people.

When taking an extended break from work, you can always book yourself on a two, three or four day journey by four-wheel-drive vehicle or on horseback. Many say this is the best way of backpacking Australia as it gives you a better insight into what nightlife really is.