Water Power: Water Therapy For Back Pain

There are many causes of back pain. Some of those causes could include improper lifting of objects, twisting the upper trunk of the body in a wrong way, not sufficiently warming or stretching the muscles prior to exercise, poor posture, sleeping wrong, etc.

In addition, an individual who is suffering from back pain can experience serious discomfort due to the fact that the back muscles interact so much with an individual's movement. Therefore, it is important to know what sorts of therapies are available for back pain.

Specifically, three of those therapies for back pains could include the use of medication, exercising or use of water therapy for back pain.

Use of Medication

There are many medications that are available to an individual who is suffering from back pain. Generally, the medication that is chosen to address the pain is dependent upon the serverity of the backache. For example if an individual has moderate pain they may be able to control the discomfort through over-the-counter medication. That medication could include aspirin or acetemenophin.

In addition, if the pain is more severe, there are other more potent medicines available. For example the physician could write a prescription for a muscle relaxant or if the back muscles are inflammed, due to a strain, the doctor may prescribe an non-inflammatory medication or if there is severe pain the physician may prescribe a narcotic medicine.


Another treatment method that may be indicated is for the individual to begin a exercise program and one that concentrates on the lower back. This plan of action has two specific goals in mind.

The first goal is to loosen the tightness of the muscles in the back and help in the healing process. The second goal of this strategy is to strengthen the muscles of the back so that episodes of back pain are minimized.

Utilizing Water Therapy For Back Pain

One other beneficial method is water therapy for back pain. Water therapy for back pain obviously uses warm water in a pool or water tank setting.

The benefits of water therapy for back pain is due to the properties of water and the fact that the body is more buoyant in water. This buyoancy places less strain on the back and allows the individual to perform exercises that helps to loosen the muscles. In addition, the warm water brings soothing relief to the muscles as well as increasing blood circulation to the area.