There Are Numerous Causes Of Mid Back Pain

Mid back pain is less common than discomfort in or around the upper or lower region of the spine. That's because the primary function of the middle part of the spine is to support the upper and lower back. The middle part of the back therefore doesn't bend quite as much, and is usually very strong. If you are experiencing discomfort in the middle of your spine of the areas that surround it, it is important to learn about the possible causes of mid back pain.

The Usual Suspects

The most common causes of mid back pain are muscle strain or injury resulting from a trauma such as a fall. Muscle strain is generally caused by an excess of physical exercise that you are unaccustomed to doing. If, for example, you go to the gym and start lifting heavy weights for the first time in six months, you can easily strain the muscles in your mid back or another part of your body. Traumatic injury is caused by falling down or having a similar mishap. In most cases muscle strain or a minor injury can be treated with a few days of rest and anti inflammatory drugs. However, if you have severe mid back pain after an injury you should seek medical attention.

Another of the more widespread causes of mid back pain is improper posture. People who work at a computer often suffer from mid back pain if they do not sit properly or if their chair has not been adjusted to suit them. If you work at a computer for long periods each day it is important to make sure you can work without having to lean forward or hunch your shoulders.

Many of us fail to realize that being overweight is another of the major causes of mid back pain. If you are too heavy it has a negative impact on your posture and your balance. This puts undue strain on your spine and can cause pain. If you weigh more than you should start an exercise and weight loss regime in order to get down to a normal body mass index.

More Serious Problems

Heavy and persistent back pain could be an indication of a more serious problem. For instance, if you have a herniated disk in your spine this can put pressure on a nerve and cause severe discomfort. This is one of the more serious causes of mid back pain. If your back pain doesn't go away with rest and anti-inflammatory medication consult medical specialist. You may require surgery or physiotherapy and special medication to relieve the pain associated with this condition.

Other serious causes of mid back pain are a possible heart condition, problems with the pancreas or lung cancer. However, these health conditions usually present with other symptoms in addition to mid back pain. Whenever you have heavy mid back pain that does not go away, seek immediate medical attention. After all, it is only through discovering the causes of your mid back pain that the problem can be effectively treated.