Back Pain Therapy Can Be Very Helpful

If you have ever suffered from back pain then you already know from experience that your first instinct is to rest and do as little as you have to physically in the hope that the discomfort will soon go away. While it is obviously good practice to rest for a day or two after the onset of back pain, it is a bad idea to stay inactive for too long because this can make the problem even worse. In fact physical therapy for back pain involves active exercises that are designed to slowly rehabilitate the spine and the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments.

It Takes More Than Pain Medication

Muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory medications can do a great deal to help ease the pain associated with back pain, at least temporarily. However, medicines do nothing to address the cause of the back pain. Back pain therapy is required if the spine and surrounding area is ever to recover fully. Back pain therapy involves exercises that stretch and strengthen the spine, muscles, discs and ligaments. It also comprises low impact aerobic exercises. Back pain therapy varies according to the diagnosis of the problem and the amount of pain the patient is suffering. It is also a carefully managed step-by-step process since it is important not to exacerbate the problem with a treatment plan that is too aggressive.

The Goal

The objective of back pain therapy is to reduce the patient's level of discomfort and educate them so that they can keep their spine the muscles that surround it healthy. This will reduce the likelihood of the problem reoccurring. Patients are taught how to gently exercise the back without the aid of a physical therapist. In those cases in which exercise and rehabilitation are insufficient to address a problem, back pain therapy may also include chiropractic adjustment. In the most extreme circumstances surgery may be required to correct a problem that is causing severe back pain.

Weight Management

Exercise, chiropractic adjustment and surgery are all part of back pain therapy. However, sometimes it also involves other lifestyle amendments. If a person is significantly overweight or obese then this puts extra pressure on the spine and the muscles and ligaments of the back. Therefore if a person who suffers from back pain is considerably heavier than they ought to be then their therapy will involve a healthy weight loss plan. Ultimately the back is supposed to be strong and supple enough to handle the pressure placed on it by a person with a healthy body weight. It was never intended to haul twenty pounds or more of excess weight.