Back Pain Therapy Exercise

The human back is an important and integral part of the human body for a number of reasons. Some of those important reasons include the fact that the entire back provides support for the head and the entire trunk of the body.

In addition, the back provides the connectivity for various muscles throughout the body. This connectivity to the muscles allows the individual to move and have substantial flexibility.

When the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar portions of the spinal column are strong and the muscles connected to the spinal column are healthy, individuals often do not pay attention to their back. However, if an individual twists the wrong way, lifts heavy objects improperly or has problems with a disc, then the pain can be excruciating with each movement.

To relieve back pain there are many options available. Some of those options include the use of medication or back pain therapy exercises.

Medication For Back Pain

For the individual who is suffering from back pain it is important to know that there are a variety of medications that can be purchased or prescribed to alleviate the back pain. Additionally, the medication that is utilized is in direct proportion to the pain that the individual is experiencing.

For example some of the medications that can be used for moderate back pain can include acetaminophen or aspirin. Typically, these types of medications can be purchased over-the-counter.

However, for back pain that is more severe in nature there are medications that can be prescribed by the attending physician. Some of those medications could include muscle relaxants, opiates, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc.

For example a muscle relaxant could include the medications known as Valium which helps to relax the muscles and therefore give the back muscles opportunity to regenerate themselves. Additionally, an opiates or narcotic is for extremely severe pain while an anti-inflammatory drug helps to relieve the inflammation of the back muscle which may be due to severe damage caused by poor lifting techniques or through strenuous exercise.

Back Pain Therapy Exercises And Massage

In addition to pain medication the attending physician or physical therapist may prescribe a regimen of back pain therapy exercises. This is because often damage to the back and subsequent pain is caused by the fact that the individual does not exercise their back muscles. Therefore back pain therapy exercises are prescribed as a way of strengthening the back muscles.

Some of those exercises could include low impact exercises such as swimming, bicycling and walking. In addition, back pain therapy exercises could include the use of exercises that concentrate specifically on the lower back. These exercises could include the pelvic tilt, partial setups, or stretching the lower back exercises.

One additional treatment method is through back pain massage therapy. This is a process in which the therapist massages the back muscles through the use of their fingers and possibly heat. This massaging helps to invigorate the muscles and increase the blood flow to the area which in turn helps to facilitate the healing process.