How Do You Spell Relief? Back Pain Massage Therapy

One of the strongest anatomical parts of the body is the back. This is due to the fact that the back or the spinal column supports the skull, the majority of the upper body weight, facilitates bending and flexing of the upper torso, etc.

Generally, the muscles of the back are sufficiently strong enough to handle the day to day activities of normal movement. However, there are circumstances or events that can adversely affect the muscles of the back which can result in severe pain in the back even when moderate movement is conducted. Some of those circumstances or events that may cause muscle pain can be due to being overweight, lack of exercise, poor posture, sleeping on a poor mattress, not stretching the muscles prior to exercise, etc.

Fortunately, for back pain caused by these types of circumstances, there is relief. That relief for pain can be through the use of medication and back pain massage therapy as well as water therapy.


When an individual experiences any type of pain, the first source of relief for that pain is through the medicine bottle. When it comes to back pain this solution is often the first choice.

However, usually the only pain medication that would be available for individuals to help offset some of the back pain that they are experiencing is through over-the-counter medication. Generally this over-the-counter medication consists of aspirin or acetaminophen. In cases of moderate back pain this type of medication is usually sufficient.

In addition, if the pain is severe an individual may want to be examined by their physician in hopes of receiving a prescription medication to help offset the back pain. Often, a doctor will prescribe a muscle relaxant or anti-inflammatory medication. In severe cases the doctor may prescribe a strong pain relief medication such as a narcotic medication.

The Use Of Therapy

If the individual wants to utilize a therapy treatment rather than medication to relieve the pain there are a number of options available for that individual. Two of those therapy processes include back pain massage therapy and water therapy for back pain.

The difference between the two types of therapy is that back pain massage therapy is done by a therapist who utilizes their hands and fingers to massage the area that is experiencing the pain. The result of back pain massage therapy is that the muscles are stimulated and the blood flow to the affected area is enhanced. This back pain massage therapy helps to lessen the pain and facilitate the healing process.

Additionally, water therapy for back pain utilizes an exercise program that is conducted in water. Specifically, because of the fact that water helps to buoy the body, the muscles are not relied on as much. This in turn helps the individual to exercise the area without causing additional damage or pain and aids in promoting flexibility. Subsequently, the muscles are strengthened which in turn can help avoid episodes of back pain in the future.