Causes And Treatment For Back Pain

Back pain is one of the foremost common ailments that plague mankind since time immemorial. There are many different cause of back pain and lower back pain is one of the more pronounced pains that are connected with the back.

Causes Of Back Pain

The more common cause of having a painful back is usually muscle strain. Some people put too much stress or strain on their back muscles and these get damaged or injured pretty much the same way that muscles get sore when lifting too much weight. Back pain that is caused by muscle strain can often be relieved by just taking it easy for a few days and not over exerting the back muscles. Taking pain relievers and muscle relaxants can also help to ease the soreness and the pain associated with back pain due to muscle strain. Muscle strain can also benefit from the application of warm compresses as well as deep tissue massages.

Stress is another contributor to back pain. When a person is feeling anxious and stressed out, chances are his or her muscles feel tight and wound up. The back can be affected by this reaction to stress. Massages and calming down sufficiently enough to be relaxed is the treatment for this kind of back pain. Aromatherapy is also another great way to treat this form of pain as well as other pain that may have arisen due to mental stress.

Another probable cause of back pain can be damage to the spine. A pinched nerve or damaged spinal disc is some of the major causes of back pain in people. A consultation with a doctor may be necessary to see if the patient is really suffering from these ailments or something else. It may be difficult to self diagnose these condition since the patient will need the help of a doctor.

Other causes of back pain may be organs that are malfunctioning such as the gall bladder and the kidneys. Although, these organs are found deeper than muscles, people feel the pain through the back when these organs are going through some condition or have been damaged. A visit to the doctor may be necessary if you know that you have sustained and injury that may have affected these organs or other vital organs resulting to back pain.

Treating back pain is dependent on what caused the pain in the first place. Consult a specialist before trying out medications which may be wrong for the condition.