Unusual Baby Shower Gifts Liven Up The Party

When a woman is expecting, a shower is almost a mandatory fete to help the new parents obtain certain necessities as the impending appearance draws closer. However, some guests may believe it is their responsibility to find the most unusual baby shower gifts they can, and they take that responsibility seriously. While most will offer gifts pertaining to childcare, a small group looks for childcare items with a twist and there is no shortage of the unusual.

Most traditions make the mother-to-be and the baby the primary focus of the baby shower and the most-often forgotten in the occasion is the father. Some of the unusual baby shower gifts now take aim at the father-to-be as well, with the father's tool belt. Attempting humor with the idea of having everything needed to work on the job at hand, the daddy tool belt contains everything for diaper changing. Depending on which variety found, it can even contain nose plugs and rubber gloves to add humor to an often messy situation. Adding a pair of goggles also adds a few extra laughs.

Sometimes the more unusual baby shower gifts the better and for those who love the motorcycle life, a Harley diaper bag can hold the baby bottles emblazoned with the company logo or the bottles decorated as Orange County Choppers. Matching bibs and blankets can be added to complete a design. For those who want to hide little treasures, camouflage diapers can be used under newborn camouflage sleepers to help keep the recent problem from being discovered.

Baby Shower Gifts Can All Be Relative

While most baby showers are for the expectant mother, many unusual baby shower gifts are also bought for the grandparents as well as the mother and father. In some families, the grandparents will play a large role in helping care for the infant, especially if the mom is planning to return to a job. Offering unusual baby shower gifts for the grandparents can be surprise gesture on the part of the mom and dad, or their siblings.

Not everyone embraces the thought of giving unusual baby shower gifts and will stick with the traditional presents such as diapers, bottles, bags and furniture. Perhaps the most unusual baby shower gifts they would consider is bubble bath for the mother-to-be in champaign bottles. However, some of the most fun experienced at a baby shower was brought in with the most unusual baby shower gifts.