Unusual Baby Gifts that will Surprise and Delight

Everyone loves to celebrate the birth of a baby by sending a gift for the new arrival. But what if you want to venture beyond the basic blankets and onesies? There is a plethora of unusual and fun choices awaiting you in the baby gift department, as long as you are willing to exercise a bit of imagination and creativity while shopping. Chances are, your unusual baby gift will be sure to stand out with the new parents, and perhaps become a new favorite in that baby's repertoire. So put on your thinking cap - it's time to shop for an unusual baby gift!

Clothing that Stands out in a Crowd

Sure, there are plenty of cute clothing items for babies at your local department store, but how about shopping for something that really stands out in a crowd? One of the more popular unusual baby gifts today are the onesies and t-shirts with funny sayings on them, such as "If I'm not sleeping, nobody's sleeping!" or "What happens in the nursery stays in the nursery." You are sure to get a smile from your gift giving efforts, and the new parents have a conversation starter whenever they take their little one out in your selection. Another cute and unusual baby gift in the area of clothing is the camouflage or tie dye look - which you can find in anything from baby t-shirts, to footed pajamas and pixie caps. Most parents will get a kick out of dressing up their tot in something fun and funky like these selections.

Accessories to Help a Little One Sleep

Another much appreciated and unusual baby gift is a sleep aid that will assist new parents in getting their little one to drift off to dreamland in the quickest and easiest way possible. There are many options here; from the lavender scented dog that will release aromatherapy as he keeps the little one company at night, to a turtle that will emit a stream of stars onto the ceiling of the baby's room. There are also stuffed toys that will make soothing sounds, like nature noises or one that is comparable to a mother's heartbeat. If your unusual baby gift is successful in getting an infant to fall asleep painlessly, you will have the gratitude of the new parents for a long time to come! Even a CD of music that is designed to lull a tot to sleep can be a welcome and unusual baby gift.

Finding unusual baby gifts is all about imagination, creativity, and knowing what a baby might like. Have some fun on your next expedition to buy a baby present, and you might be surprises at what you find!