Special Baby Gifts for the Mom to Be

If you are or you know a mom to be, then there are a number of very special baby gifts which you can buy fairly inexpensively, that will be treasured for many years to come. Even if you are short on cash, you can easily make many items that will be just as special, and as well received.

Baby Books

Baby books are very special baby gifts that every mom to be should have. These books can be found in any store that carries baby items, or can be easily made using a small, empty scrapbook, and some simple scrapbooking materials. Often times, these special baby gifts are even more appreciated when handmade, because of the love and thought that goes into the making.

Handprint Kits

Handprint kits are also special baby gifts, as they record a memory that would otherwise fade with time. These kits are nothing more than a small tin with a bag of plaster of paris inside. They also include instructions on how to make the plaster and let it partially set before pressing the baby's hand in to make the print.

You can easily make on of these special baby gifts by choosing a small, decorative tin from any craft store, and including a pre-measured amount of plaster. Be sure to copy down the instructions from the bag of plaster of paris, and include it with the kit. To add a little extra special touch, copy the instructions down on a blank gift card that is printed with a baby shower theme.

Receiving Blankets

If you are extraordinarily gifted with your hands, you can always knit or crochet a receiving blanket. These special baby gifts require much patience on the part of the crafter, but are well worth it when you see the comfort and protection that they provide to the infant who receives them.

Just for Mom

Other special baby gifts have nothing really to do with the baby, but with the mother who is either about to give birth, or has just given birth. Remember, to take great care of a special little one, it is important to take special care of yourself, too. A relaxing CD, a favorite book, or a home spa treatment kit is a wonderful way to show a mom to be that it is okay to pamper herself as well.

No matter whether you choose to buy or make a gift for the new mom, remember that it is the thought that counts.