Medieval Baby Gifts Offer Alternative Humor

For those whose tastes run towards kings, queens and dungeons and dragons, medieval baby gifts can help the child stand out in a crowd as well as let the parents know you listen to their wishes and understand their hobbies. While an infant-sized suit of armor may draw a lot of attention, they could make necessary changes difficult to make when the need arises.

Many newborns receive t-shirts as gifts and although they may not appreciate the humor, their parent and friends and family members often do. Saying such as "Dost thou desireth of piece of me?" or a picture of a knight in armor on a shirt with the statement "Just another day living the life of a hero" is sure to bring a few chuckles from those who see these medieval baby gifts. Although "Chicks dig chivalry" also has sparked a few laughs, pictures of castles and dragons also invite humorous comments.

Toys such a dragons or castles can add to the educational pay of most infants and these types of medieval baby gifts will be appreciated by parents who embrace the history of medieval times. Wooden toys are popular among many learning toys and a toy catapult can help the child send modern toys back into history and over the walls of their own castle.

Baby Gifts Can Be Aimed At Parents

For the couple who do participate in medieval adventures, wearing slogans such as "I dress up on weekends and beat people with sticks," may be high point of opening medieval baby gifts. Toy lances and swords can also be considered for the baby, but it may be better to wait until they grow a little older to give this type of present.

Similar to the soft books for infants, the newborn's parents may also appreciate a soft medieval castle on a floor design complete with pictured moat with dragons and knights. The play activity can make fun medieval baby gifts and is something the baby can use as they grow older. Parents can also use it to introduce their hobby to the child without the dangers of their own toys made for adults.

Jigsaw puzzles always keep children busy and giving one as medieval baby gifts will give the child something they can use as they grow into their toddler years. Most of the puzzles are designed as typical one with cartoonish castles and dragons for graphics, but as they grow even older, 3-D medieval puzzles can be challenging.