Do Not Need Pot Of Gold For Irish Baby Gifts

For those from Ireland, the luck of the Irish is not limited to a special day in March and when the little leprechaun arrives, many family members and friends look for Irish baby gifts to mark the occasion. Books, dolls, stuffed animals, blankets and banks can all make a welcome addition to the newborn's new home.

One thought to keep in mind, that many Irish baby gifts do not have to be green, but for many that is a necessity and a small tree with folded dollar bills to help the parents defray the cost of raising the child is unique and will always be appreciated. The green can also be used to help start a fund for the child's future educational needs. However, a gift of money, regardless of how appreciated it may be, is considered to impersonal and look for items that the baby can enjoy as they grow older.

There are many books to entertain as well as educate that have Irish baby gifts written all over them, such as books on Irish history or educational books to learn counting by counting the number of leprechauns in a picture. Many popular children's books have been adapted to an Irish bent such as Jack and Leprechaun and an Irish Night Before Christmas, which includes many Irish holiday traditions.

Shamrocks Make Good Infant Decorations

Piggy banks or ceramic sheep banks decorated with shamrocks make a nice decorative touch in an Irish infant's room and can help teach the importance of savings. Receiving blankets decorated with shamrocks are nice Irish baby gifts can also leave little doubt as to the infant's heritage when brought home from the hospital.

Bibs making the statement, "Of course I'm cute, I'm Irish" can draw remove any doubt of what the gift-giver thinks of the newborn as well as protect the clothes bought for the occasion. A shamrock pacifier and shamrocks on diaper pants make other Irish baby gifts special as well as prayer cards printed with the Irish blessing.

An Irish girl rag doll complete with fiery red hair and a shamrock dress sitting on small chair or shelf in the baby's nursery can make pretty Irish baby gifts for the lasses brought home or for the laddie, the Irish spirit holy bear can decorate the room. Shamrock zipper pulls and white socks decorated with green shamrocks can complete any Irish baby gifts of clothing.