The Perfect Horse Lover's Baby Gift

Horse lovers are a special breed and therefore, no less special should their gifts be. But where do find baby gifts for horse lovers? And what types of baby gifts are even available for horse lovers' infants? There are a number of items available for older children who love horses, but find the perfect baby gifts for horse lovers is not an easy task.

Rocking Horses to Rattles and Beyond

Horse lover's baby gifts are gifts that will work wonderfully for any child. There are beautiful, plush rocking horses in all sizes and colors to accommodate children of either gender. Some of these are small enough to be held and cuddled, and some are large enough for a child to actually ride.

There are also plush rattles shaped like horses available. These adorable horse lovers' baby gifts are small enough for little hands to hold and shake happily for hours. In a variety of colors, from pastel blues and pinks, to more "horse like" browns and tans, these sweet little gifts are sure to please.

There are several companies that offer silver, rocking horse shaped picture frames. These can be engraved with the baby's information, and make quite lovely horse lovers baby gifts. These do tend to be a little more expensive, but are well worth the price when you take into consideration that they will last for generations to come.

Other horse lover's baby gifts include bibs, photo albums and baby books, music boxes, and trinket boxes. There are beautiful infant sleepers and quilts, wall hangings and booties; all decorated with horses, both cartoon like and realistic. A unique horse lover's baby gift could be a small mirror, tucked in the tummy of a small plush horse that then hangs over the rail of the crib. The baby can play peek-a-boo and enjoy seeing himself in the mirror; these are usually available in both pink and blue, and are soft and cuddly

Make Your Own

There are a number of quilt patterns available for those who have the skill to create horse lovers baby gifts. These come in a variety of sizes, from receiving blanket sized, to full crib sized quilts; and offer designs that range from fantasy to realistic, rustic scenes. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time if you decide to create one of these beautiful gifts, as quilt making is a rather time consuming hobby.

Finding horse lovers baby gifts is not easy, but it can be done. There are a number of beautiful gifts that can be found that any child, or parent, will love.