Easy Homemade Baby Gifts

Your best friend is having a baby and you don't have the money for a gift? Never fear; there are a number of easy homemade baby gifts that you can make that will be treasured for years to come. Below, are some great ideas for homemade baby gifts that you can make with things that are easy to find or lying around your home.

Baby Books

A homemade baby book is one of the easiest homemade baby gifts you can create. For about the price of a cheeseburger and fries, this is a gift that generations to come will remember and enjoy. A small, empty scrapbook, a few baby related stickers, and a ruler and pen are all you will need for one of these great homemade baby gifts.

On the front of the scrapbook, you can put any saying you like; just make sure that it relates to babies. If you need quote ideas, there are several places on the internet where you can find relevant quotes for all phases of life. Add the words 'Baby Book' and place a few stickers on the front, as well.

On the inside of these great homemade baby gifts, you should use your ruler and pen to create each page's theme. One page should record baby's birth information, and another page should have a place for all of baby's "firsts". Place the stickers throughout the book, and you have homemade baby gifts that any mother will enjoy!

Picture Frames for That First Picture

To make one of these homemade baby gifts, you will need the following: two pieces of heavy duty cardboard; one pair sharp scissors; craft glue; ruler and pen; a small length of ribbon and pastel colored fabric of your choice.

To make the frame cut a rectangle, roughly ten inches wide by twelve inches long, out of one of the pieces of cardboard. Using this piece as a guide; cut an identically sized piece out of the second sheet of cardboard. On the backside of the second sheet, use your ruler and pen to draw lines straight across the board, both horizontally and vertically, two inches from the edges. Do not worry about intersecting the lines, as no one will see this side.

Using your scissors; cut out the inner rectangle that you have now created. Once this is done, place this piece of cardboard on the backside of the pastel fabric. Unless you know the baby's sex when making these homemade baby gifts, it is usually best to use a neutral colored fabric, such as yellows, greens, or multi-colored prints. Trace an area on the fabric around the cardboard, allowing about an inch all the way around. Do this for both the inside and outside of the rectangle. Cut out the shape you have made, and cut the inside area on the diagonal, toward the inside of the cardboard rectangle.

Using glue, tack the fabric down all the way around the cardboard. Take the length of ribbon, and paste it in a loop on the back of the solid sheet of cardboard. Once the two pieces have dried, run a bead of craft glue around just inside the outer edge of the solid piece of cardboard, on only three sides, and place the fabric covered cardboard on top. Press together and let dry.