Getting Personal with Cute Baby Gifts

When you consider the options available in baby gifts today, "cute" is probably one of the first words that come to mind. After all, what baby gift isn't cute, in its pink or blue fluffy glory? However, if you want your cute baby gift to stand out in a crowd or get noticed at a baby shower, it's time to get personal. Personalized, that is! Personalized gifts are a great way to give the new little one an heirloom that he will be able to treasure forever. There are so many choices in personalized gifts today, you are sure to find the cute baby gift that will fit any new little one on your gift giving list.

Unique Picture Frames

Let's face it; new parents are probably some of the most camera happy people around. And what are they going to do with all of those photos of their adorable tot? Most will want to showcase as many as possible around the home. This is where picture frames become a great gift idea for new babies, and the cutest baby gifts in this area are those that are personalized to that special little someone on your list. This can be as easy as having a name engraved on the top or bottom of a frame, or special ordering one that will come with the name already printed on it. Another cute baby gift idea is to buy a frame that comes with a recording device attached that will allow the new parents to preserve those adorable coos that their infant makes in the early weeks of life.

Keepsake Gifts to Treasure

There are other ways to personalize that cute baby gift, and one is to have a card or plaque printed with the baby's name and other personalized information. This can be done as intricately as you choose, from a framed print that explains what the baby's name means, to an entire story that is made up around the little one and his family members. You can also find banners and prints with a child's name that will make an adorable addition to a nursery wall. Growth charts and bulletin boards also make cute baby gifts when they are personalized to a child. These types of offerings are guaranteed to become keepsakes that a special child will undoubtedly hold onto forever.

If you are looking for a cute baby gift that is sure to become a keepsake, check out your options in personalized baby items. Your gift is sure to be a hit, and one that is saved forever!