Custom Baby Gifts Say You Really Care

Blankets and bibs with embroidered names can all make nice custom baby gifts, but thinking beyond those ready-made items found in the store on a rack with every name already made, may be cute, but may not really be custom. Although they would still be an appreciated addition to the gift list.

It may not be so much the value or the size of custom baby gifts that make a statement to the recipient, as it is the time and thought spent on choosing the gift. Even gift baskets can be made into custom baby gifts if they contain items the parents are wanting for their new child and they will know the giver put a lot of thought into choosing the items and packaging them into a gift basket. Hand sewn names on bibs and blankets can also be considered custom baby gifts when they are given after the baby's birth.

Many times, parents have a name picked out prior to birth but may change their mind once the baby is born and custom baby gifts bought before then may not be as acceptable since the name is wrong, and the giver will be scrambling to exchange the item with one with the correct name.

Names Not Only Customizing Option

While the use of the baby's first or last name is one of the most frequent means of making custom baby gifts, the name is not the only thing that can be added to make the gift special. Customizing an item with favorite hobbies or occupation of the parents can also make it seem special or with the flag of the parents' nationality. For example, the Irish prayer can be embroidered on many items for an Irish family, or an Italian flag on a bib or blanket makes nice custom baby gifts for Italian families.

Baby bottles can also be turned into custom baby gifts with the addition of the baby's name, maybe with the phrase "This bottle belongs to" added for a little humor. First and last names imprinted on the baby's booties or shoes can make wonderful custom baby gifts and something the parents may wish to save as a keepsake when the infant grows older.

Jewelry, such as ankle bracelets make nice custom baby gifts, provided it is not removable by the baby that could get it into their mouth. Whatever the choice made of custom baby gifts the health and safety of the child, or other children in the house, should be one of the prime considerations when making the decision.