Pink Baby Girl Gifts and More

Giving baby girl gifts can be really a lot of fun with so many adorable outfits screaming out your name at the mall. Add a few hair accessories and darling shoes, and you are all set. You can choose a particular theme and either order a baby girl gift basket, or make one yourself at home. One of the easiest places to start would be focusing on the color pink.

Baby girls are generally associated with the pink color, while the choices for using frills as an add-on are also many. Some of the items you may wish to choose from for your baby girl gifts would include pink pacifiers, pink bottles, pink blankets as well as stuffed animals in pink to go well with a girly outfit.

A Cotton Baby Robe

Perhaps a great baby girl gift would be a cotton baby robe, which girls generally would love because of their warmth and sweet bear appliqué that adds a lovely touch of femininity to the gift. You can make it even more charming by having it embroidered with the baby girl's name as well as date of birth.

The idea behind the baby girl gifts is to woo the baby girl (and her parents) with a suitable token of your feelings, and regardless of whether the gift is simple or themed; the idea is to make an indelible impression on their mind and heart. It requires having a creative mind as well as doing some planning in advance, as you want the baby girl's gift to reflect your love.

You can choose from bedtime and bath gifts, baby clothes gifts as well as practical baby gifts such as a pink padded stroller. A particularly charming baby girl gift item would no doubt be the Layette Mary Ann Dress that comes as a combination of sundress as well as panty set in very soft cotton, along with tiered bodice and embroidery as well as piping. You will also find it hard to resist giving a Janie and Jack baby outfit that will help turn your precious baby girl into a little princess. Such an adorable outfit is certainly worth considering, and would be much appreciated.

Beyond Pink

If you think the baby girl has enough pink gifts and you want your present to stand out, opt for lavender, mint green or even a pretty yellow. Depending on the season, add some shoes, socks and perhaps a bib and you have a well coordinated baby girl gift.