Buying Age Appropriate and Safe Baby Birthday Gifts

When choosing baby birthday gifts, you want to make certain that you only choose gifts that will be safe for the children to play with. In the consumer market, all toys are supposed to be labeled with the ages that may safely play with them. Unfortunately, when you buy baby birthday gifts, it seems that everything is being recalled these days.

When buying baby birthday gifts, there are some old fashioned, tried and true gifts that are always welcomed with bright eyes and huge smiles, no matter which child receives them.

Teddy Bears are an Old Favorite

The original baby birthday gifts are the never failing teddy bears. Named for President Theodore Roosevelt, these cuddly friends have provided years of comfort and love to children world wide. Choosing the right teddy bear for a baby is relatively easy. Look for bears that have painted, or printed, eyes, instead of buttons or other doll eyes. Button eyes can be bitten off and choked on, whereas painted eyes can not.

When choosing teddy bears as baby birthday gifts, it is important to take the size of the bears, and the babies, into account. Never choose a bear that is close to the same size of the baby, especially if the child is under two. A large bear could cause suffocation if the child is allowed to sleep with it.

Blocks for All Ages

Building blocks make great baby birthday gifts. For younger babies, choose softer blocks that will not hurt the child if he or she falls on them, or gets hit by one. Building blocks are a great way for children to build their dexterity, and also a great way to expand their imaginations. Who doesn't remember building castles and forts as children?

Can't Go Wrong with Books

Books are also great baby birthday gifts. For younger babies, the invention of "bubble" books allows children under the age of two to discover the joys of reading, without having to worry about pages that will tear, or the child getting hurt with one. For toddlers, board books are a wonderful addition to any child's toy box. When buying books as baby birthday gifts, be sure to choose books with lots of pictures and bright colors. All children love to receive gifts, but it is up to us as adults to make certain that the gifts they receive are safe for them to play with.