Baby Bedding Gifts: Think Safety First

If you know a special set of parents who are expecting a new arrival, a baby bedding gift may be something that you are considering shopping for. It's hard to resist those adorable sets in the baby store that can convert a basic crib into an infant-sized paradise. However, before you indulge in a baby bedding gift for that special little one on your gift-giving list, there are a few safety considerations that you should keep in mind. It is also helpful to think practicality when you are shopping for your baby bedding gift, since an infant will spend plenty of time in his crib during those first few weeks of life, and needs a safe and clean area to sleep.

Baby Bedding Gifts: The Necessities

The most important items that will go into a baby's crib are a mattress pad, preferably waterproof since babies tend to leak, and plenty of crib sheets to cut down on the need for additional laundry loads for a tired new mom. Crib sheets come in a variety of materials, so it is a good idea to consider the time of year when you are shopping for these. For example, a cotton sheet will help to keep a little one cool in the summer months, while flannel will feel much toastier on those cold winter nights. A perfect baby bedding gift is to purchase a number of crib sheets for the expectant parents in a variety of colors and materials to coordinate with the nursery.

Another necessity in the baby bedding gift department is the baby blanket. In order to reduce the risk of suffocation, these blankets should be lightweight, making the many receiving blankets on the market today the best choice for crib use. Another good option in baby blankets is to purchase one large, heavier blanket that can be used for playtime on the floor or to keep baby warm when he is in his car seat. Again, you can find baby blankets in a variety of shapes, colors and materials, and few new parents will ever find that they have more blankets than they can use.

Baby Bedding Gifts: Items to Avoid

There are also some definite "no-no's" when it comes to shopping for baby bedding gifts. Crib bumpers can keep baby from bumping his limbs and noggin on the sides of the crib while sleeping, but many child agencies have determined that these pads pose more risks than benefits to an infant. Another item to avoid when shopping for a baby bedding gift is the fluffy pillows and duvets that may look cute in the store, but become a suffocation hazard at home. By sticking with the basics when you shop for your baby bedding gift, you will not only find a practical present, but a safe one as well.