The basic summer attire for a baby should include a wide brimmed hat, preferably with mall air holes in the top to prevent over heating, loose clothing will help to keep baby comfortable, and a shade source such as an umbrella hood on a stroller will all help to keep baby out of the sun. When baby has to be in the sun, sun protective clothing for baby offers sun block level protection of 50spf.


There are companies, such as One Step Ahead and Sun Smarties, which offer sun protective clothing for baby; some offer these articles at retail locations and others are available through catalogs. Most sun protective baby clothing is in the form of bathing suits and in general beach-ware such as water shoes, hats, ponchos, and more.

Bathing Suits

Bathing suits are the most popular kind of sun protective clothing for baby, there are several styles and patterns available; swim diapers, surf suits, one or two piece suits for girls and trunks for boys are all available in special sun protective cloth for babies. The spf rating for these are 50 or better and come in a variety of colors depending on style.


Sun Smarties and One Step Ahead each offer a variety of sun protective clothing for baby, there are pants, t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, and shorts available all with excellent UV protection. There are also hats, sun glasses and shoes that offer additional sun protection to their outfit; the shoes are water shoes and they are able to make a great transition from sand to sea and back again. Many of the sun glasses have a wrap around the head strap that secures them to a babies head; and the hats often have flaps that cover the neck, all of these items offer the same great benefits as the sun protective clothing for babies.

Sun Smarties offers an entire coverall set which has light, loose fitting pants and hooded jacket, that offer excellent UV protection (50+spf), this is appropriate all seasons sun protective clothing for baby. These adorable outfits are also tested for durability, maintaining the same level of sun protection in baby's clothing for a hundred washings or more.

Additional Protection

As an alternative to sun protective clothing for baby, there are also sun protective shelters; these are a great idea for babies too young to play at the beach. These sun protective shelters offer the same 50+spf that the sun protective clothing for babies does, without having to dress a wiggly baby in a swim suit they wont be able to use. A parent or care giver can sit with baby in its own extremely portable bungalow and watch older children play, while enjoying the ocean air.