Faces behind Baby Phat Clothing

The Baby Phat clothing line has become very popular in the last decade or so. Started out as an extension of Phat Farm created by the famous Russell Simmons, the Baby Phat clothing line is practically synonymous with Kimora Lee Simmons and is envisioned to be the perfect blend between hip hop and fashion.

The Baby Phat clothing line is not just for babies as the name may imply; even though it does have a line for children and babies too. It is worn and endorsed by several celebrities including the famous Kimora herself. The leggy kimora brought her sense of style to a clothing line and now many of her fans are wearing the clothes both in the United States and abroad.

Faces and Places

Russell Simmons is the founder of Phat Farm and subsequently Baby Phat and is revered as the father of modern day hip hop as we know it. Started from humble beginnings in New York City in around 1994, Phat Farm and the Baby Phat clothing line are now a multi million dollar business that aims to blend the hip hop culture with the Ivy League breed.

It aims to appeal to the multi-ethnic American young person (or at least one who is young at heart) as they become part of mainstream America. The Baby Phat clothing line was introduced just as a segment at a Phat Farm fashion show. Only after the clothes were so well received, did Russell consider making it into a permanent fashion line and who else to lead it than the style setting diva who also happens to be his wife, Kimora.

Baby Phat clothing was introduced in 1998 and since then has become a runaway hit. Famous faces like Britney Spears have been seen wearing the brand even though it is still mostly preferred by the African American population. However, the vision of Baby Phat is to go above and beyond lines of color and appeal to anyone and every one who is interested in fashion and music.

Baby Phat clothing caters to women and children and the prices are approximately comparable to Gap and Guess. Their website is sleek and smart, like its clothes and offers customers promotional discounts from time to time depending on the season. One of the best features of the site is 'Kimora's Picks' which lets you see what outfits or separates the diva has handpicked; so if you have someone on your list (or if you want to treat yourself) and want to follow in the footsteps of Kimora and the Baby Phat clothing line, then your luck is just a few clicks away.