The Beginning of Lulu Baby Clothing

All good things start some place. The origins of the Lulu baby clothing or as it is popularly known, Baby Lulu clothing, goes back to the time when Erin Murphy, as a young girl of four, was trying to make dresses for her pet frogs. True to her nature, at 10 she was actually tailoring clothes for her siblings and younger children in the house. She just loved doing it and could not stop.

Adding Spice to the Early Childhood Days

As the times passed Erin understood her passion for clothes and decided to make a career from it, because she could do nothing better than create, create and create beautiful clothes. Her family considered her behavior was due to some type of infatuation with someone in her school. She followed her heart and passed out from a design college in Los Angeles.

While she was studying, she had to come up with sufficient cash to keep herself alive. Hence, she started tailoring children's clothes and selling them to clothe stores around Los Angeles for extra cash to support myself. This line of clothes became so popular that Erin had to arrange to register her own line now, called the Baby Lulu line. This is how the great Baby Lulu Clothing company, also known as Lulu Baby clothing was started in 1992.

The Development of an Excellent Baby Clothing Line

In the beginning, Erin was initially working with the prints and fabrics that she found on the market. However, very soon, she felt suffocated at the lack of choice and colors for children's wear. At last, she decided to manufacture her own fabrics. No sooner that this was done, Baby Lulu clothing became the signature line of Erin.

What initially started as a whim, now developed into a huge establishment, which manufactured clothes exclusively for children. In 1998 the male counterpart of the Lulu Baby clothing, came into existence, called Pepper Toes label. Now her line covered clothing for infants, toddlers and pre-teen girls and boys.

The Lulu baby clothing collection has built a lot of trust with the all the stores they supplied in the early stages of life. They soon added the Lulu baby clothing launch of the sleepwear division. This division has names such as Goodnight Lulu and Peppertoe's PJs among the clothing and Erin launched. The materials used are as versatile as you could imagine. What type of magic Erin does is not known, but the Lulu baby clothing line sells like no other children's line, bringing a bright smile on the face of anyone who is lucky enough to wear it!