How to Get the Best Deals at Baby Clothing Stores

Buy in Advance

When summer is ending, usually after Labor Day, scour baby clothing stores for clearance racks on this years summer fashions. Don't be surprised to snag t-shirts and shirts for up to 75 per cent off the regular price.

However, there are two caveats: Be sure that if you are charging these purchases to a credit card, the interest charges if you do not pay in full do not add up to more than the savings on the item itself. Secondly, make sure you have a good estimate of the size your baby will be at this time next year. Often kids go through growth spurts and a 12 month size which you think will be perfect may be way too small come next year.

Sign Up for Mailing Lists

Both print and email newsletter lists give exclusive savings to people who sign up. The baby clothing store gets a free list of people who are interested in their merchandise and you get deals delivered to your doorstep or inbox. Sometimes you may use those coupons with some you get in the Sunday paper or some current in-store promotion and you have yourself a very good deal.

Some baby clothing stores even send additional coupons for your friends or ones that you can use again and again until a particular date. However, always check expiration dates and read the fine print carefully.

Try a Variety of Baby Clothing Stores

Don't just patronize one baby clothing store because your child will always look like a walking advertisement for that chain. Experiment with low-end and high-end clothes so you have s stash of clothes for play and some cute outfits for parties or occasions. Stores traditionally known for groceries can also sometimes have good deals on clothes and while you may not find a very broad selection, you could capitalize on the convenience of getting your son a shirt while you pick up the milk.


Sometimes you may feel clothes at Baby Gap or Ralph Lauren are way too pricey for a toddler. However, by trying their outlet stores you can get the same brand name stuff for a lot less. However, always check the merchandise for irregulars, defects or seconds. If a small dot on the cuff doesn't bother you and $4.99 price tag is appealing, go for it, your baby is bound to add more 'dots' to her Polo shirt anyways!