What to Do with Outgrown Baby and Child Clothing

Moms and aunts always say that children grow up in the blink of an eye and while we wonder if that even is true as we sit nursing for what seems like an eternity at 2 AM, they do seem to outgrow their clothes pretty fast, especially in the first year.

So what can you do with the baby and child clothing that your kids outgrow or are too inappropriate for the climate you are living in.

Easy Choices

Donating to a charity is one of the easiest ways of getting rid off outgrown baby and child clothing. You might even get a receipt that can help for deductions come tax time. Handing clothes down to cousin's friends and neighbors is usually a good choice and many people willingly accept them.

If you plan on having more children, wash and store the clothes. You will derive more pleasure (and save some money) when your second son wears the t-shirt you got on your first trip to Disney or the shirt that grandma Jean gave before she passed away.


If you have special memories attached to any particular baby or child clothes and can't bear to part with them, then frame one or two in a shadow box or get them professionally framed. Alternatively, take pieces of the fabric and make a quilt out of it. This way you won't be taking up too much space in your garage and you can actually use the end product.


You could sell your baby and child clothing at garage sales or list them on eBay, but in both these instances you will need to sort, label and spend time with the sale. It may entail standing in you garage for an entire weekend or taking pictures and describing clothes on eBay. A third alternative could be taking the clothes to stores like Once Upon a Child which will buy your clothes and re-sell them. They often help you just make one trip by mailing you a check for the items you accept and donating the rest to a charity.

All these rules apply to clean and wearable clothes. Try spot cleaning and laundering your clothes before you send them to charity. They may not be in pristine condition, but don't insult yourself and the recipient by donating shreds of grape juice stained clothes. If you can fix baby and child clothing, then donate, sell or hand them down. Otherwise, throw it in the trash.