How to Go Newborn Baby Clothes Shopping

While looking around for the best deals on strollers, car seats and diapers, you might be tempted to pick up a few clothes at every store. Don't. There are several reasons for not going overboard with baby clothing even though they seem like the cutest, tiny things you have ever seen.

Babies Grow Fast

This is the biggest reason why you should buy only as many baby clothes as you actually need. Your baby may weigh six pounds at the hospital, but he's going to double in size pretty soon. Buy not more than five 0-3month size clothes because they grow out of them the fastest. Buy more 3-6 months and 6-9 month clothes if your budget allows. That way you won't have to lug your baby around shopping in the first few weeks when you would rather catch up on zzz's.


Even if you do a good job calculating what season it will be when he turns three, six and nine months, sometimes Mother Nature can surprise you. It can get very cold in L.A or surprisingly warm in Colorado. Hence, do not stock on so many baby clothes that he is forced to end up wearing a sun hat ensemble in 50 degrees.

No Frills

The elaborate outfits may tug at your heart, but they will be the most cumbersome to get on, off and change in between the gazillion diaper changes. Stick to cotton and natural fabrics with snap on buttons which allow easy changes even if you are on a plane or in a busy mall rest room.


If you know the sex of the baby, then your job is easier. But if you are keeping it t a surprise, then don't buy too many 'neutral' clothes for the baby because if you look closely, there aren't very many choices that are truly appropriate for either a boy or a girl. A seemingly safe yellow bet may have flowers on some corner which is a fashion faux pas even for a two month old and a yes, girls can wear blue, but not something which has race cars or tools on them please.

Baby Registry

If you are registering at a store for baby gifts, try not to include clothes. One reason is that while car seats and play pens are pretty standardized, baby clothing selections vary from region to region and if your aunt in Texas is accessing your registry, she might not be able to get the item.