Journal of the Atkins Diet: Bite it and Write it

'The Atkins Journal: Your Personal Journey Toward a New You, A 120-Day Record' is a spiral bound book available at Amazon that is perfect for anyone serious about following the Atkins diet to a T. In order for any diet to be successful, it is imperative that you evaluate your eating habits.

Food Diary

If someone asks you off hand what you ate today, you may mention the entrée you had at lunch and dinner and the cereal you had for breakfast. It is highly likely that you will not be able to account for every calorie that you consumed. Not being able to remember everything you snack on during the day gives rise to the need for keeping a journal.

It is highly encouraged at Weight Watchers and other diet programs too. The Journal of the Atkins Diet book is customized for people following the plan so don't expect to be paying around $12 for just a notebook with empty pages. It helps you calculate your caloric intake for the first 120 days or around four months. After that it is assumed that you have gotten the hang of note keeping and are more conscious of what you put on your lips and subsequently on your hips!.

Understanding what are net carbs and how to choose foods that rank low on the glycemic index is important if you want to maintain a Journal of the Atkins Diet. Once you start jotting things down you can see trends and areas where you need to improve. You may do well during the day but fall off the Atkins wagon when you succumb to late night snacking.

Some people feel that because they know they have to write it down, they think twice about reaching for the next muffin and ask the waiter to remove the bread basket before they are seated at the restaurant. Even though you may not be submitting the Journal of the Atkins Diet to anyone, just seeing how much you ate staring at you in black and white can make all the difference.

Buy the Book First

The Journal of the Atkins Diet book also recommend a weekly weigh-in and again seeing those numbers drop can motivate you more than remembering what you saw on the scale the previous week. However, many followers of this Journal of the Atkins Diet recommend that you read the actual book by Dr. Atkins first before buying this journal; as it is a supplement to the book and not a substitute for it.