The Atkins Grapefruit Diet really Works

One of the old dieting urban legends has been that eating grapefruit at each meal will melt the pounds away. The pounds will actually be eaten by a chemical that is produced by grapefruits. Fact or Fiction? Actually, most of this theory is based in fact. Grapefruit diets have been around for 70 years. The longevity of the legend should give some basis to the truth behind the myth. There is no specific inventor that can take credit for this diet, but fans that have seen success with the process pass the details by word of mouth. There have been thousands of versions circulating for years, each with their own style of menu and food lists.

The Grapefruit Enzyme

The Atkins grapefruit diet has now taken it a step further by incorporating grapefruit into their famous diet. The theory goes that grapefruit contains a special enzyme that burns fat. No one knows exactly how this magic enzyme works, or even if it works with other citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges. But most of the diet plans call for strict menus that dieters must follow and so does the Atkins grapefruit diet, only with a little less restraint. Dieters must eat grapefruit, swallow grapefruit capsules or drink grapefruit juice before or at each meal. The Atkins grapefruit diet can see that grapefruits fit right into their basic diet plan theory. Grapefruit is high fiber, high protein, low sugar and no trans fats. This is the basis for the Atkins diet plan. The Atkins grapefruit diet just incorporates grapefruit into the basic diet plan food group. Since the Atkins diet allows the dieter to choose the foods you want for each meal, you can incorporate grapefruit into your day whenever you wish. But the Atkins grapefruit diet does recommend a strong cardio exercise program regularly as a part of the overall plan. Exercise is essential for good health and for any weight loss program. But it has been found that the "magic enzyme" works on burning fat more quickly when the body is moving. So a regular exercise program combined with the Atkins grapefruit diet will definitely initiate a quicker weight loss in an individual.

The legend of the grapefruit diet has evolved over the years, but it is still tied to its main principle. Grapefruit will help you lose weight and it doesn't matter which weight loss program you are on. The Atkins grapefruit diet is currently one of the most popular on the market today and has revolutionized the grapefruit and its "magic enzyme" once again.