Atkins Diet Stories

You may have hard many Atkins diet stories floating around and if you have read them on a message board or from a friend of a friend, then take them with a grain of salt. Sure, the diet works but it is not for everyone and as every weight loss supplement or food program advertisement states, results are not typical; your results may vary.

The Good

The good Atkins diet stories that may motivate you to take the low-carb plunge include those from people who have seen amazing results. They lose eight pounds the first week and six pounds the second week of induction and are so motivated that they spread the word around.

However, before you expect to have the same results, compare apples to apples. What is your current BMI i.e. Body Mass Index as compared to your friend with the Atkins diet story? How determined are you to say good bye to pasta, rice and bread for at least the first two strict weeks of induction? What kind of exercise do you plan to do and what kind of support group do you have?

The Bad

The discouraging Atkins diet stories include tales from those people who are religiously following the diet and exercising and yet have very limited success. They may have thyroid issues or a metabolism resistance due to yo-yo dieting for several years in their lifetime. They made the food sacrifices and they jumped on to the treadmill. Yet, the scale went down by only a little.

However, these people should not lose heart as even one pound lost is better than one gained or even staying at the same weight. Remember, slow and steady wins the race - and keeps the pounds off too.

The Ugly

The worst kind of Atkins diet stories are from those people who dropped 60 pounds only to gain it back - and some. The Atkins diet is not easy to follow and if you've been through it once, you don't want it to boomerang back and bring you back to square one.

The underlying problem could be that people consider the Atkins diet to be a 14 day thing or a 2 month fad. However, as mentioned by Dr. Atkins himself, it is a lifelong diet., you have to monitor your weight and go back a phase or two as soon as you see the pounds piling up.

So whether you read these Atkins diet stories or hear about them, don't have unrealistic expectations. You could do better - or worse. Consult your doctor to see if this is the right weight loss program for you. Good Luck!