Getting Ideas for the Atkins Diet with a Sample Menu

The Atkins Diet has become popular with many people around the country for its unique approach of promoting weight loss while allowing people to eat meats, cheeses, and other tasty low-carb foods. However, if you're an Atkins convert and are searching for ideas for your meals, a sample menu for the Atkins diet should be a big help in assisting you to find tasty ideas. What follows is a sample menu for the Atkins diet on a typical day.


A sample menu for the Atkins diet at breakfast might contain some of the most recognizable food items, since foods like sausage and eggs are considered to be Atkins-friendly foods. For instance, by adding some diced ham to eggs that you are scrambling, and sprinkling it with cheese, you can have a flavorful omelet that has few carbs, making it perfect for the Atkins diet. And while adding a tortilla for a breakfast burrito isn't Atkins-friendly, if you use a large lettuce leaf to wrap your omelet in, then you have a breakfast wrap that's got almost no carbs.


While you won't see as many familiar items for lunch on a sample menu for the Atkins diet, there are still plenty of foods that will allow you to eat well and keep the carbs down. For instance, a simple salad will give you plenty of taste with greens, vegetables, or even sliced eggs to add flavor. If you want something a little less leafy, a roll-up made by wrapping cold cuts around sticks of cheese can be tasty without adding many carbs. Or, combine the two, adding the cheese and cold cuts to your salad for something hearty and healthy.


The possibilities for dinner on any sample menu for the Atkins diet are pretty wide, since foods such as steak, chicken, and even pork will give you a great meal that has few carbs. For a great dinner idea for your sample menu for the Atkins diet, try broiling a steak and adding some thinly sliced onion and mushrooms on top. If you want to add more complex flavor to tantalize your palate, consider spices to embellish the basics. Spices such as garlic, pepper, or more exotic mixes like curry powder and cinnamon might add a new dimension of flavor to perk up the basics from your Atkins diet sample menus. The secret to success on the Atkins diet is to vary your foods, and by finding creative ways to prepare Atkins favorites, you'll soon take your Atkins diet sample menus and improve upon them, leading to great taste while losing weight.