Atkins Diet Safety Questioned Over Many Years

As with any drastic changes in eating habits, there may be unexpected consequences such as health issues that may or may not have been undetected prior to the start of the diet. To those studying the Atkins diet safety has become a point of contention of the long-term use of this diet plan. While few argue that the theory of limiting carbohydrate intake can result in weigh loss, the concern lies in the Atkins diet safety when the person continues a low carbohydrate, high protein diet over a period of years.

The average person will consume about 300 grams of carbohydrates daily and the Atkins diet in the first week, limits carbohydrates to only five grams. This sudden drop in intake sparks ketosis, the process of converting stored fat into usable sugar for the body to burn as energy. This process in the basis behind the theory of what makes the diet successful and to this point, there have been few questions concerning the Atkins diet safety.

As time goes on, the dieter can add up to five grams of carbohydrates daily until they reach the point of no weight loss or gain, and that point, typically about 30 grams a day, I what they should limit themselves to maintain the current weight. The diet also allows for unfettered use of fat and protein to help replace the carbohydrates and this is where many question the Atkins diet safety concerning fat intake.

Claims Nutritional Balance Not Met

Many who doubt Atkins diet safety point to the high fat indulgence allowed that could trigger other possible physical problems such as high cholesterol and point to studies to the contrary as being too small a sampling and over too short a time period. Most published studies have occurred over a six-month period and many say it will take a person being on the diet at least two years to judge accurately the Atkins diet safety issues.

Other studies on the Atkins diet safety were cut short when about half of the participants failed to continue with the diet plan, and detractors pointed out the diet was too difficult to follow. One of the main critics of the Atkins diet safety has been the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which claims diets high in fat and protein will be proven dangerous over time.

Other however discount that opinion claiming that the PCRM is clearly a group pushing their own agenda of a vegan diet and their opinions are biased based on their belief in not eating any meat products.