Shiritaki Noodles: A Japanese Atkins Diet Product

If you're on the Atkins diet and are looking for some variety, shiritaki noodles just might be the answer. These yam-based noodles have zero net carbs, zero calories and are a good source of fiber - all the perfect ingredients for the Atkins diet.

Japan and Atkins

These noodles are named after a white waterfall which they resemble in appearance. The noodles themselves are virtually tasteless; but they easily absorb the flavors you add such as spaghetti sauce or meat. They can be coined as the first and most popular Japanese Atkins diet product for two reasons. Firstly, Atkins diet products are not very popular in Japan because people there are not obese and hence do not need them as much as their American counterparts. Secondly, the Japanese diet is hugely dependent on carbohydrates in the form of noodles and rice and so the Atkins diet doesn't really appeal to them.

This is one of the main points that opponents of the Atkins diet use. They claim that if carbs were why we gained weight, then Japan and other Asian nations would be fighting the obesity epidemic too. They claim that if looked at ounce for ounce, there are more calories in fat than carbs. However the problem is you can eat only so much of protein or fat; but you can easily go overboard with carbs.

The shiritaki noodle has thus broken down these barriers ands allowed Atkins diet products to have a Japanese flavor to them as well. Strict followers of the Atkins diet have found this Japanese product to be a real breath of fresh air and have even devised recipes based on this noodle. The added fiber is a plus for those dieters who were struggling with irregularity and the adaptability of the noodle makes it ever so versatile.

Good for You

This Japanese Atkins diet product is also suitable for diabetics as it has no sugar. It is made from konjac flour which is a water-soluble dietary fiber from the konjac plant grown in Japan. This dietary fiber, glucomannan is sold in health stores for weight loss so it gets a perfect score on that front too. If you need any more reasons to enjoy this Japanese version of an Atkins diet product then enjoy the fact that these noodles contain calcium and are low on the glycemic index as well.

Don't you wish all food was that way - good for you in every regard!