The Atkins Diet Plan is Very Popular and Often Copied

Dr. Atkins diet plan enjoys an enviable reputation that has even caused many other diets to sprout up that bear resemblance to it. These programs, like the original, espouse the value of eating low-carbohydrate foods in combination with high-protein selections. This has certainly led to many competing low-carbohydrate diets springing up, which have provided ample proof of the efficacy of such a plan.

Studies Confirm the Benefit of Low-Carb, High-Protein Diets

If any proof was needed, it has come in the form of many studies that confirm that low-carb, high-protein diets will provide benefits to the dieter and without requiring any limitations to the number of calories consumed. In fact, according to these studies, the consumption of a lower number of carbohydrates will improve triglycerides, reduce blood glucose for diabetics, and improve good cholesterol as well. There are a number of additional benefits to consuming the Atkins diet plan of recommended foods including increased energy, a reduced craving for sugar, improved concentration and a lower incidence of depression.

One of the best parts of this particular diet is the ability to lose weight while not longing for foods that once seemed almost impossible to live without. With a low-carb diet that includes cream, butter and steak; more and more people are enjoying their Atkins diet plan, and eating foods that were once forbidden to them. They can now eat as much rich meats, oils, cheeses and fats, which would not have been possible without the Atkins diet plan. Also, the Atkins diet plan is uncomplicated, which makes it easy to follow and learn the right types of foods to consume.

During the introductory and pre-maintenance stages of your Atkins diet plan, you will continuously monitor your level of carbohydrates to help determine what the proper level is. Since there is a lot of information available regarding the Atkins diet plan and carbohydrates, you won't find it difficult to find resources and support to help you find the right level of carbohydrate consumption.

There are also numerous websites that contain plenty of information pertaining to the Atkins diet plan, which has led most people to form their own impressions about the Atkins diet plan despite the criticisms regarding this plan that have been offered by a number of health care professionals. The most challenging aspect of the Atkins diet plan is the inconvenience of having to calculate your carbohydrate intake so that you don't exceed permissible levels. Once you have mastered this step, the rest of the diet is cake - so to speak.