Atkins Diet of Low Carb Protein Foods: Myths Debunked

If you desperately want to lose weight and are looking for a quick way to get results in time for your wedding or high school reunion, then the Atkins diet may be right for you. However many people shirk away from the Atkins diet low carb protein foods because they fear they will miss the pasta, bread and dessert they love so much. Here are some myths demystified about the Atkins diet low carb protein foods:

Low Carb Not No Carb

Contrary to popular opinion, the Atkins diet low carb high protein foods plan does not eliminate carbs completely from your diet. It doesn't mean that you can never touch a bagel again. The first two weeks called induction are the strictest but even in that you are allowed to have 20 net grams of carbs a day. This is calculated by finding the carb count on the nutritional label and subtracting the dietary fiber.

It is not a whole lot of carbohydrates but it is necessary in order to jump stat the process of ketosis. Ketosis takes place when your body starts burning calories from fat as it doesn't have many carbs to encounter. You can tell easily and accurately if you are in ketosis by purchasing Ketostix over the counter at a pharmacy. By urinating on a strip and checking to see if it turns purple, means that you are on the right track and are burning fat.

However, be warned that ketosis is not recommend for diabetics or pregnant women. Always check with your doctor before starting any weight loss regimen.

Not for Ever

Even if the induction phase of 14 days sounds tough to you, remember in the next three phases, the amount of carbs you can have does increase. The only thing you have to watch out for is that as soon as your weight starts increasing, go back a phase or two until you are stable again. This is because very person's body reacts differently to different foods. Some people may do fine on Atkins with diet drinks; others bloat with the artificial sweeteners and therefore keeping a journal of what you at the week you lost the most weight can help.

Plenty of Variety

Being on the Atkins diet of low carb high protein foods means you can still have a lot of variety in your meals. This diet is actually deemed perfect for food lovers. You can still indulge in lean meats, poultry, nut butters, salad greens and other such foods. By following the Atkins diet low carb protein food plan, you need not feel too deprived or run out of options any time soon. There are always ways around it. For instance, if cereal is a big thing for you at breakfast, find creative ways to make eggs and hard cheese and soon you may find you don't miss the huge bowl of cereal after all.

However in order to keep healthy, it is highly recommended that you take a multivitamin, have plenty of water and extra fiber if needed.