The Atkins Diet Grocery List Help you Lose Weight

The Atkins diet has ridden a roller coaster of publicity in recent years, but there is little argument about the fact that this diet program can effectively help you to lose weight. Many who create an Atkins diet grocery list are pleasantly surprised by the variety of foods that are on it, and few feel deprived of the items that end up on the "no" list. To make it easier to construct your Atkins diet grocery list, you can find help in one of Dr. Atkins' books or on a number of websites that offer information to get you started. The key in shopping for food on this program is to check labels for hidden sugars and carbohydrates until you get the hang of the right foods to purchase. There are a few guidelines that you can also follow in making up your Atkins diet grocery list.

Meats and Veggies

Since meats and veggies are a big part of this diet program, you will undoubtedly have a number of these items on your Atkins diet grocery list. When you are selecting your meats, don't forget about the canned varieties for ease and convenience in preparing dishes. Salmon, tuna and chicken are all good options here. When it comes to your veggies, you can also opt for a few canned choices to allow for quicker meal preparation, but make sure that there is plenty of fresh produce on your Atkins diet grocery list as well. You will find a wide variety of fresh greens for your salads, as well as peas, beans and squash to satisfy any palate. You can also add a few fruits to your Atkins diet grocery list, like unsweetened raspberries, strawberries and blueberries.

Dairy it Up

The dairy department will be another stop on your Atkins diet grocery list, where you can indulge in milk, butter and cheese to your heart's content. Eggs are another dairy staple that should be on your Atkins diet grocery list every week. For a sweet tooth satisfier, you can even pick up some pudding cups, as long as they are sugar-free. Once you have stocked up on the necessary dairy items, you can toss in a few condiments like mayonnaise and mustard, and some spices and seasonings that will make everything on your Atkins diet grocery list taste a bit better.

To make your Atkins diet grocery list more economical, buy meat in bulk and substitute the pricey nuts in recipes with less expensive varieties. You can also make eggs the main ingredient for dinner once in a while to save on the costs of meat. With a little planning creativity, your Atkins diet grocery list will not only help you lose weight, it will help you save some pennies as well.