Atkins Diet during Pregnancy Can Be Dangerous

Despite the rave reviews some people may have regarding the Atkins diet; during pregnancy it just might not be a good idea. If you're pregnant you have to come to terms with the fact that you are going to gain weight over the course of the next nine months or so. How much weight you gain will depend on your diet, exercise regimen as well as the size of your baby; however weight gain is inevitable.

While doctors strongly recommend women with uncomplicated pregnancies to exercise and watch what they eat, they never recommend going on any kind of diet to lose weight. Even though the old adage of 'eating for two' no longer makes medical sense, you still need around 300 extra calories a day while you're pregnant.

Here are some specific reasons why the Atkins diet during pregnancy is not such a good idea.


Lack of fiber in the Atkins diet often results in many dieters experiencing constipation and muscle cramps; two things you would rather not have especially if you are already dealing with swollen ankles and morning sickness already.


The Atkins diet recommends that your body goes into ketosis which means that your body will start burning calories from fat as it will have so few carbs to contend with. This is another reason why Atkins Diet during Pregnancy could be dangerous as ketosis could harm the unborn child. Ketosis is also dangerous for diabetics and in case you have developed gestational diabetes during pregnancy, the Atkins diet is definitely not for you.

All Food Groups

Even if you're not a huge fan of the USDA food pyramid like Dr. Atkins, and you would rather have the patty than the bun; you still need a balanced diet from all food groups to have the necessary nutrients needed for the development of your baby. Of course a prenatal vitamin is a must, but the nutrients you get from real food are unmatched by a pill.

So while the Atkins Diet during Pregnancy is not recommended; you could lose weight before getting pregnant and then try to maintain weight gain by making healthy choices such as 100 per cent whole grain bread and brown rice as opposed to the white variety.

Or you could wait until after the baby is born and then lose the pounds. Check with your health care professional if the concerns of the Atkins Diet during Pregnancy cross over to when you are nursing as well.