Combining the Atkins Diet and Exercise

Combining the Atkins diet and exercise will enable most dieters to maximize their opportunity to lose weight. Furthermore, by doing this the dieter establishes a pattern of behavior that will provide them with a foundation for sustaining a change in their lifestyle. Commencing an Atkins diet and exercise program will take discipline. As there are two components to the program, you must understand what both elements will require of you. The Atkins diet and exercise program requires you to not only modify the types of food you eat, but to combine this with an exercise program that has both strengthening and cardiovascular elements to it.

Importance of Correct Foods

Even with the combination of exercise and the Atkins diet, it is still most important to eat the correct foods. This will stoke the fuels of the metabolism and allow the exercise to fully develop muscle fiber and improve circulation. It is well known that the metabolic process known as ketosis that drives weight loss under the Atkins diet and exercise program requires you to eat primarily proteins and fats. Of course, it only makes sense to limit the intake of too many pure fats, as this is known not to be healthy. The Atkins diet and exercise program has shown to actually reduce the levels of cholesterol in the blood as a result of the action of ketosis. Pure protein is considered essential for muscle development. Eating a preponderance of lean meats, poultry, fish and green vegetables will enable the Atkins diet and exercise program to succeed where other diets cannot.

The Right Work Out

Although, initially, you will be rather tired on the Atkins diet and exercise program as you are taking in different foods and your body is most likely not used to sustained amounts of exercise, after a couple of weeks you will find that your energy level begins to increase, and you will need to begin to refine the type of exercise you do. For most people, the exercise program should combine endurance and strengthening with neither being too ardent. For others, the Atkins diet and exercise program provides an opportunity for them to gain significant muscle mass as their level of protein intake provides the fuel. For these people, it may also be important to introduce additional amounts of complex carbohydrates to fuel their internal engines. As long as the level of effort is sustained, the increase in carbohydrates should not impact your desired weight loss or body shaping. If you ease off the exercise segment of the Atkins diet and exercise program, you should also back off the amount of carbohydrates that you take in. The key to success is the balance of your diet and exercise as it is in all health and wellness programs.