Why is Drinking Alcohol Forbidden on the Atkins Diet?

During the induction stage of the Atkins diet, drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden. It is only allowed during the maintenance stage of the diet and it should not be the first item that is re-introduced to the diet. Drinking alcohol, such as rum and wine, should be avoided on the Atkins diet as they contain sugar. The reason why drinking alcohol is forbidden through most of the Atkins diet is because it basically stops the fat burning activities in the body and can cause blood sugars to become unpredictable. The liver makes ketones from alcohol, and the body should remain in ketosis even while drinking. Nevertheless, alcohol is converted much easier than fatty acids are, and thus the liver produces the ketones using alcohol rather than the fat that is available. This means that fat burning does not reoccur until all of the alcohol is out of the system.

People who drink alcohol while on the Atkins diet can find themselves feeling the effects much quicker than normal, because the alcohol is rapidly broken down into ketones. This can cause problems for the drinker, and is why alcohol is probably best to be avoided. Alternatively light or limited drinking of alcohol during the Atkins diet should not have too many adverse effects, especially if the drinker has eaten properly beforehand, allowing for slower absorption of the alcohol. Alcohol is also high in calories and is generally avoided during any form of dieting.

Drinking Alcohol that is Allowed on the Atkins Diet

By the time the maintenance stage of the diet is reached, it is permissible to drink alcohol on the Atkins diet. Distilled spirits such as vodka and gin are the best options, because they are low in calories and do not contain sugar. The mixers that are used should also be given serious consideration since most contain sugars in their content. This includes fruit juices, tonic water and non-diet drinks that you would normally mix with alcohol. Even drinking spirits with low calorie mixers can stop weight loss and even cause weight gain. If this happens, it is advisable to discontinue drinking alcohol during the Atkins diet.

Liquors and cocktails are usually a no-no for dieters, but there are low-carb varieties of cocktails available to allow most people can enjoy the occasional beverage while using the Atkins diet to lose weight. Until you have reached your target weight, it is best to avoid alcohol altogether and when re-introducing it back into the diet, follow the process slowly and carefully. This is a wise choice, since the effects of alcohol on your system can change while you are dieting