Combining the Atkins Diet and Diabetes: The Good and the Bad

The Atkins diet is one that has produced a certain amount of debate, in part because of the unknown effects, good or ill, that it can have on participants. On the one hand, people have attributed the Atkins diet to not only weight loss, but the clearing of acne and other positive effects. Still, others worry that the Atkins diet could lead to abnormally high cholesterol levels and other health problems.

Because this diet affects the amount of sugars that are in the body, the way the Atkins diet and diabetes patients react is of concern. If not properly managed, diabetics are at potentially deadly health risks, so if there is a problem with the Atkins diet and diabetes, it helps to know this. If you have diabetes and the Atkins diet is something that you want to try, know the facts that are necessary to keep you safe.

For Type 1 Diabetes Sufferers

Those who suffer from type 1 diabetes suffer from a problem with the organs that are supposed to produce insulin, resulting in a deficiency of insulin in the blood. Those who suffer from type 1 diabetes and want the Atkins diet for their diet program should consider other alternatives. Because the diet does have such a pronounced effect on blood sugar levels, the necessary measures sufferers of type 1 diabetes must take in order to control blood sugar levels would be too difficult. Type 1 diabetes and the Atkins diet just do not mix well.

For Type 2 Diabetes Sufferers

In contrast, the Atkins diet and type 2 diabetes seem to be much more compatible. Those who suffer from type 2 diabetes produce insulin at lower levels than most folks, or their bodies become less sensitive to its presence, which results in more insulin required in the body to produce the same effect as in a normal individual. The Atkins diet can provide a few benefits for those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

The first benefit is weight loss, which is an important benefit indeed, since many type 2 diabetes sufferers are overweight. The weight loss that the Atkins diet results in provides health benefits for those who suffer from the disease as a result of obesity, reducing the effects of this disease. Also, studies have suggested that those who suffer from diabetes and try the Atkins diet gain increased sensitivity to insulin, which means that their bodies start reacting to it more like a normal individual would. This means less pills or shots are required in order to maintain proper insulin levels. So while the Atkins diet is not a good idea if you suffer from type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes sufferers may find some benefit from this diet program.