The Atkins Diet and Cholesterol Levels

Over the years since the Atkins diet has been introduced, the reviews pertaining to the health of the program have been diverse at best. While many doctors believed that a low-carb diet like Dr. Atkins' can increase the risks of cancer and heart disease, there have been many studies that have actually proven the opposite to be true. One of the factors that has been looked at in these studies it the link between the Atkins diet and cholesterol levels. At first glance, it appears that many of the food choices on this program would serve to actually increase the "bad" cholesterol and triglycerides. In fact, the opposite has found to be the case in many of the studies regarding the Atkins diet and cholesterol.

A number of folks who have participated in the Atkins diet program have actually seen a reduction in triglycerides, a rise in HDL ("good" cholesterol), and a better ratio between the HDL's and the LDL's ("bad" cholesterol). These encouraging results suggest that those on the Atkins diet with cholesterol problems may actually be able to regulate cholesterol levels on their own without the need for medications or other types of therapy. This is good news indeed for those who have seen successful weight loss on the Atkins diet program. Of course, weight loss is a key factor for good cholesterol levels, but there are other reasons for this positive link between the Atkins diet and cholesterol as well.

Why does the Atkins Diet Lower Cholesterol?

When you begin adhering to the Atkins diet program, your body makes the switch from a sugar metabolism to a fat metabolism. As long as you stay well below your allowable level of carbohydrate intake, you should see positive effects on your cholesterol from the Atkins diet. Although some people may see a rise in these levels at the very beginning stages of the diet program, the body adjusts itself quickly to the new menu and in most cases the cholesterol levels will begin to fall. This suggests that our intake of carbohydrates plays a large role in our cholesterol levels, which explains why there is a positive link between a low-carb diet like the Atkins diet and cholesterol.

If you are having a problem with your cholesterol levels, there is a good chance that you are not maintaining a healthy weight for you. With the Atkins diet, your cholesterol levels can correct themselves and your weight can come down to a healthy level as well. It's a win/win for your body and you.