Success and Atkins Diet Advantages

Any advocate of the Atkins diet will proclaim its advantages as multiple and as a short-term diet in particular, it can be extremely effective. This high protein and low carbohydrate diet forces the body to go into ketosis, which leads to the body burning off its fat stores, an essential process for every dieter. The body presumes it is being starved and initial weight loss can happen swiftly and noticeably, especially during the first two weeks of the induction stage. The main advantage of the Atkins diet is that it works on the idea that weight is gained by the way that our body breaks down carbohydrates rather than eating too many fats. This means that Atkins dieters are not left feeling as hungry as they might on other diets. This can make Atkins diets more successful as people can find it easier to stick with the program, especially after the induction stage.

Although the limitations set on carbohydrates can be a shock to the system for some people, the idea that previous "bad" foods such as fried eggs and bacon are now allowed can be extremely tempting. The overall advantages of the Atkins diet include rapid weight loss, low maintenance, unlimited protein and fat amounts, and it is highly suitable for people with allergies to ingredients such as yeast and wheat.

Advantages and Reasons to Maintain an Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet is one of the easiest to maintain since it does not require special meals, although there are low-carb options available. Dieters tend to feel less hungry and have fewer cravings, because no food items are entirely restricted over the long haul, just limited to a certain amount. Due to the amount of food allowed, dieters feel full and satisfied, and once they get used to less carbohydrates, they tend to feel less tired and more energetic. This may even serve as a catalyst for many folks to consider more exercise. Most diets fail because they result in dieters feeling hungry, but this and other advantages make the Atkins diet one of the most popular.

Another advantage of the Atkins diet, and probably the most desirable to dieters, is that the diet forces the body to basically consume its own fat to transfer it into energy. This fat burning potential leads to conspicuous and rapid weight loss, giving the dieter more determination to see the diet through. Economical advantages of the Atkins diet stem from the fact that there are no special dietary requirements, making it cost the same as an ordinary meal plan. Even if the Atkins diet is used for a short-term requirement, it can be quite easy to adjust back into a normal eating routine as opposed to stricter diets. A huge relapse into overeating is more avoidable with higher calorie diets and the Atkins diet has a lot more advantages than many of the very restrictive, low-calorie diets.