Atkins Chinese Food Diet for a Low-Carb Option

There is nothing to fear if you are a lover of Chinese food, because in spite of the fact that most Oriental dishes are loaded with carbohydrates, your Atkins Chinese food diet will help you overcome the temptation that the mouth watering Chinese dishes will raise inside your mind. With most of the Chinese dishes being rich in starch and sugar, you may be forced to settle just for noodles and rice.

Enjoy the Different Chinese Dishes with Restrictions

The Atkins Chinese food diet will mean that you can still go visit your favorite Chinese restaurant and enjoy a sumptuous meal, as long as you keep a few restrictions in mind. You will need to limit the carbohydrate count of your meal, and if you are in the introductory phase of your Atkins diet, even a cornstarch in a sauce must be foregone until you reach the maintenance stage of the program.

With Chinese dishes having many regional variations, you need to ascertain the number of carbohydrates that these variations contain, and then calculate the permissible amounts that will often vary from restaurant to restaurant. The Atkins Chinese food diet will, as a general rule, not allow you to eat fried steamed rice, noodles, wontons, egg rolls or meats containing breads and sweet sauces. You won't be eating sweet and sour, plum or orange-based sauces that accompany your duck serving.

Also, Chinese food has the tendency to use cornstarch when thickening sauces, which is why many of these liquids contain a fair amount of carbohydrates. Water chestnuts, another common Chinese food, make the number of carbohydrates climb even higher. This means that your Atkins Chinese food diet will forbid you from eating these high carbohydrate foods. Instead, you should opt for clear soups, steamed meats and tofu. For your sauces, make sure that you choose ones that are watery, such as Moo Goo Gai, which is a chicken curry. Also, try out Schezuan prawns and delicious black bean sauces.

If you cannot resist the temptation to order your favorite Chinese dish, then at least ask the waiter to leave out the cornstarch. Another easy method to get your fill of Chinese food is to eat a little before you visit the restaurant. This way, you won't binge on too many restricted foods. In this manner, you can follow the Atkins Chinese food diet and still enjoy a satisfying meal at your favorite Chinese restaurant.